Blood of Rome

Letter to Lucius Cloelius 7


My brother Lucius

I have good news Lucius – I am coming home.

Sia was waiting for me when I returned to my chambers this evening. We spoke of Rome and the prophesy regarding its demise. We spoke of the Nemesis and their return. Do not fear brother because hope resides below the city’s streets. In the Fane of Darkness, Set has provided us with an instrument of power to turn back our enemies.

All this…everything that has happened to me has been in preparation for this moment. Set and Sia have shaped me as weapon and a tool. I have always known that there is more to this world. I have always wanted to be part of it, to shape it and make my mark. I am returning to Rome to help its people against this darkness.

Rome. Can you believe it? I can barely recall it to my mind. It will be like visiting it for the first time. So many people. The cacophony of sights and sounds and smells (I could probably do without that). I will be like a lost child, mouth agape and head swiveling to take everything in. I wonder how much it has changed?

Sia told me that Rome has changed. She told me that you are long dead. All of you…my sister and father and yourself. I am sorry I never got to say goodbye to you in person. I hope that if you saw me now you wouldn’t hate me or fear me. I want to help, I want to make a difference and maybe I can now.

Goodbye Lucius. May you live on in Green Fields for I will not see you there.






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