The Julii Promenade

Domus bona era

Valentina was gifted these rooms by Marcellarious on their wedding night. Located on the prestigious Julii Promenade and connected to her sires by means of a lockable door, from both sides although her side never is locked, the haven is both a private retreat and public symbol of Valentina’s breeding and status. The main entrance onto the Julii promenade is a thick wooden banded door with small repeated carvings along the outer edge and a small hounds head shaped door handle and knocker. Near the door along the outer wall of her rooms is a niche approx 1 meter tall by half a meter wide in which is carved a statue of Bona Dea surrounded by the bounty of nature where offerings to her are placed; an exhortation to the good goddess to look over her obedient daughter as she sleeps within her embrace. Within the carving are secret hiding places where messages and gifts can be left for Valentina without the knowledge of others.

Her haven consists of three interconnected rooms, tastefully designed and decorated. The outer room, the tablinum, consists of the main entryway onto the promenade and a larger section utilised for meetings with low status or disagreeable vampires. The floor is tiled with a blue and white geometric pattern which complements the pale blue wash of the walls and dark blue ceiling. Wooden tables and seats in this room are plain though clearly quality objects. Statuettes of some of the more notable of Valentina’s noble line are gathered on an alter built into a wall, she regularly leaves offerings to both her ancestors and household lares here.

Through a columned archway curtained off from view by light blue and rust coloured gossamer drapes is the second tablinum where more important guests, trusted allies and those Valentina wishes to impress, are entertained. The room has clean white washed walls with niches that hold beautiful artifacts and light sources. Around the centre comfortable couches with delicately carved small wooden tables dotted between are placed for the comfort of her guests. The neutral colour palate used gives the space an airy feeling and allows her collection of objects to shine to their fullest, presenting her natural breeding and taste at its most delicate subtle best.

The third room is linked to this one through a small atrium containing a small fountain with seating on all sides and night flowering plants trailing down the walls. Around the walls behind the plants a large fresco depicting the scenery from the Capitoline, a subtle reminder of the sanctuary the vampire who accompanies Valentina to this point has been granted. The final room is Valentina’s private chamber and cubiculum. Decorated like a wealthy roman women’s bedroom, there is little to distinguish this room apart from any others of its kind except perhaps the lack of real windows and the feeling of many tonnes of stone and earth above ones head. Valentina sleeps on a large well carved wooden bed and has a large table in which her jewellery, wigs and make-up are stored. A chest at the end of the bed holds her extensive collection of dresses and stola; she is able to dress appropriately for any function with little notice in advance.

The Julii Promenade

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