Porticus Sanguineus

Just as the poor of Rome are sustained by a bread dole, so are the poor of Necropolis sustained by a blood dole. The Porticus Sanguineus is the place where this dole is distributed.

The name, which means “the bloody portico,” was applied by analogy to the Porticus Minucia of the mortal city; the room is not, in fact, a portico. It is a wide tunnel, with numerous small rooms opening off the side. The rooms contain manacles, in which mortals are restrained. The Kindred who are entitled to a portion of the dole are then led to a room and allowed to feed. It is polite to leave the mortal alive, but many of the poorer Kindred set little store by etiquette.

The blood dole is not as important a feature of Necropolis as the bread dole is of Rome. This is partly because there are far fewer Kindred, and far fewer poor Kindred, than there are mortals, but mainly because there are very few Kindred who find it difficult to hunt in the largest city in the world. As a result, the blood dole is not offered often enough for any vampire to survive on it alone, even if he were to murder the human offered as his vessel.

Nevertheless, the blood dole is a traditional way for powerful vampires to assert their influence, which makes it a popular gesture with the established elite and with those who want to break into it. It is very rare for a whole month to go by without the dole being offered, and a normal month would see the blood dole happen twice. There are some months when it happens more than once a week, in which case a vampire could survive on what was offered.

The Senex does not hand out tickets indicating eligibility; rather, attending the dole is an acknowledgment of lowly social status. This needs to be handled carefully; if the dole is offered by a particularly powerful Kindred, refusing to attend could be seen as arrogantly placing yourself on a similar level. Kindred attending merely out of courtesy may drink less than a single Vitae, to emphasize that they do not need the blood. On the other hand, attending a dole offered by a parvenu offers a certain level of support for his aspirations. Of course, to some vampires, free blood is free blood.

Equipment Bonuses: Hunting is automatically successful if there is a blood dole.

Porticus Sanguineus

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