Necropolis and the Catacombs

Roman catacombs domatilla laser scanning mapping

Just as Rome is the greatest city of mortals, Necropolis is the greatest city of the Kindred. It is the centre of the Camarilla, just as Rome was the centre of Empire, and Kindred throughout the world dream of visiting Necropolis as they sleep away the daylight hours. Necropolis is a subterranean city, hollowed out over centuries through the efforts of the Kindred and their slaves.

The Catacombs are ambigously positioned between Rome and Necropolis. On the one hand, they are the underground domain of the dead. On the other hand, most of the dead in the catacombs are completely dead, and rotting away to mere bones. What is more, the living come here with some frequencu to pay their respects to their ancestors. The catacombs consist of over 100 miles of tunnels, the Necropolis below is much, much bigger…

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Necropolis and the Catacombs

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