Cubiculi are the basic rooms of Necropolis, where most of the activities of the city of the dead take place. Many cubiculi have been adapted to more specific uses, but there are still enough in their basic form that they are a prominent feature of the underground.

A cubiculus is created by widening part of a corridor, so that it has entrances in opposite walls. As this, naturally, means that any traffic along the corridor must pass through the cubiculus, cubiculi are normally constructed on minor corridors, and most often where one corridor joins another. The ceiling is often the same height as that of the tunnel, and the room is rarely more than four times the width of the original corridor. Lengths of more than 10 feet are also rare; underground construction takes a significant amount of effort, even when you use slaves.

A typical cubiculus has no established use or furnishings, although many do have doors hung in the doorways. All were created for a purpose, but the Kindred who did so have lost interest, been destroyed or moved to a different part of Necropolis. Many cubiculi do have decoration of some kind, and the well-known ones all have a name, based on a feature of the room. That might be “Dripping Crack,” for a room that may be rather unstable, “Dying Boar,” for a room with such a fresco, or “Headless Remus,” after a damaged statue standing in one corner. Kindred refer to a cubiculus by name when arranging an event or meeting there.

The most popular cubiculi are slightly removed from the main corridors, to reduce the chances that other Kindred will want to pass through while the cubiculi are in use, but close enough that most vampires can learn how to get to them. Most vampires take all the evidence of their activities with them when they are finished, not because they are concerned about the environment of Necropolis, but because they do not want to leave any evidence behind for their enemies. However, vampires make mistakes, and some are simply careless, so every so often an interesting object turns up in a cubiculus.

It should go without saying that there is no central booking system for the cubiculi. Apart from anything else, few Kindred want to give their enemies such detailed information on where and when they can be found. This does mean that, on occasion, two groups of Kindred turn up at the same cubiculus expecting a private meeting. Such meetings are generally tense, as neither group wants to be the one to move, but when hostile groups meet in such a way, the result is often violent.


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