Corridors make up the bulk of Necropolis, because the Kindred have chosen not to create an efficient subterranean complex in a single location. Rather, chambers are scattered all across Rome, and linked by long tunnels, most tall enough for a vampire to stand upright and wide enough for two to pass one another. Few corridors, however, are much larger than the minimum required for this.

The tunnels of Necropolis are a chaotic maze, and it is quite likely that there is no Kindred who knows where all of them lead, or how they link up. Certainly, most Kindred are doing their best to make sure that that is the case. The reason for this is quite simple. A vampire’s lair must be linked to the rest of Necropolis by tunnels, but most Kindred do not want other vampires to know where their lairs are. That means that there must be multiple tunnels in any area, so that it is not trivial to find the lair by simply heading in the same direction as the vampire you hope to run to earth. It is hard to keep the general location of your haven secret, so most Kindred settle for making the tunnels leading their as complex as possible.

This also leads to the extension of Necropolis, and as the complex of tunnels has grown, it has become possible for young Kindred to create columbaria for themselves in an obscure corner of an existing network, rather than having to dig the whole thing for themselves. Still, they normally ensure that more tunnels are constructed, making it still harder to find their nests.

As a result, there are a few well-traveled main tunnels, and many largely abandoned and ignored tunnels honeycombing the ground around Rome. Most of the main tunnels have been expanded over time, and some have even been decorated with columns, statues, mosaics and frescoes. This is particularly true of the tunnels near the most important sites, such as the Camarilla itself, but also applies to tunnels that have become the main routes from one part of Necropolis to another. Nevertheless, it is possible, even common, for a particular main route to be used by no more than a handful vampires in a night; they are main routes because there are very few nights when no Kindred use the tunnels. These routes are lit, and the task of lighting the lamps is normally imposed on the most junior Kindred. The amount of oil is measured so that they burn out naturally around dawn.

The minor tunnels, however, are small, crudely hacked from the rock, and often completely unmaintained, and certainly unlit. A few are unsafe, and could collapse at any time. Some are so small that a vampire must crawl to get through, and a few even go underwater for a short distance. Even vampires find it difficult to keep their bearings in these tunnels, and stick to routes that they know to and from their havens.


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