Columbaria are a common feature of Necropolis. The name is derived from the word for a dovecote, because the rooms contain many niches in the walls, much like nesting spaces for doves. These rooms are modeled on the tombs of the mortals, and closely resemble the catacombs. The main difference is that columbaria are normally placed to be hard for mortals to reach, because these are the havens of the Roman Kindred.

Most Kindred sleep in a niche carved into the wall of the columbarium, rather than a free standing sarcophagus, because a carved niche is more secure, and more traditional. A single bronze plate, hinged at the top, and with bolts on the inside, is a very effective means of security.

A few groups of Kindred trust each other enough to nest together, in which case there may be one niche per member of the group. Perhaps the most common case for this is when a regnant lairs with his thralls, relying on the Vinculum to keep him safe. In many cases, this also means that a sire is lairing with his childer.

However, many vampires, even if they have allies, prefer to lair alone, and in these cases, the columbarium may have but a single niche. However, it is common for Kindred to construct other niches, and place the remains of their enemies therein. These may be ashes, for Kindred enemies, or bodies, for mortals. In a few cases, Kindred keep particular enemies staked and bound in their columbarium. This is regarded as arrogant and risky, which makes it very appealing to certain vampires. The niches may also be used to store other treasures, primarily those that the vampire does not want to use, but does want to keep.

The entrance to the columbarium is also normally secured, often with a simple metal door with one or more bars and bolts on the inside. Some vampires favor more elaborate defenses, with traps, mazes and multiple doors, but most Kindred believe that these are not worth the effort. The most popular form of security is secrecy, ensuring that enemies do not know where your columbarium is located. Thus, many Kindred, if they can, like to dig their own.

Equipment Bonuses: Almost anything can be found in a columbarium. Weapons of all sorts are common, although the resident vampire might already be using them. In addition, most Kindred put some effort into making their lairs easy to defend; this might translate into a +1 to +2 bonus to the defender’s combat totals.


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