Tag: Senex


  • Tertia Julia Comitor

    In any context, she talks in a friendly fashion to the vampires around her, and encourages them to enjoy the parties and avoid rocking the social boat. * She and Marcellarius are at odds.

  • Julia Sabina

    She speaks only when she has something to say and she doesn't waste her words on those who do not deserve them. *Clan:* Julii *Wing:* Senex *Apparent Age:* Early 20's

  • Servius Cloelius

    So you want to hear something about me? I don't know what you would find interesting. Well my father was famous. Ever heard of Martial Cloelius? No? Bit before your time perhaps. Well he was a soldier through and through. A real prick sent straight …

  • Publius Octavius Magnus

    Magnus is one of the most well known kindred in the Necropolis. His ability to destroy his foes on the Senex floor, with a few cutting words, is legend.

  • Macellarius Corbulo

    He wears too much gold, too much perfume. Macellarius is sublimely cultured, but he doesn't have class. He isn't noble-born and he knows deep within that no amount of money, learning or literary skill can change it. He's a Julian, but not a Julian. His …