Tag: Legio Mortuum


  • Helvidiuss Bassianus 'War Crow'

    He speaks in short, clipped sentences in a voice that sounds like a spadeful of earth thrown into a pit. He smells of mud and gore in equal measure. Dont fear being beaten by him, its what comes after that is truly frightening. * He expects Obayana to …

  • Victrix

    Victrix wears her arms and armour proudly, even when arms and armour are inappropriate. She speaks with the strong, heavy accent of the of the Picts in short, staccato, phrases. Her voice is harsh, sounding like the sharp ringing tone of hail clattering …

  • Obayana

    I have no need for words, but will take kindly to a threat, it will be just the reason I need to tear you to pieces. I am from a distant land, one that has been at war since time began, and shall always be. They have brought me to this place, and you are …

  • Secundus Julius Rapax

    Secundus still takes part in active duty to keep his skills honed. He has a reputation for being able to take any punishment in battle and still emerge victorius.