The Key of the Magi

A black scroll case ornamented with gold, it contains a finely beaten golden scroll with hieroglyphics pressed into its surface.


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Exerts from the Key
“One, three, nine, eighty one. A form in itself. Three lines of three, nine lines of nine, the square of beauty, let bred into more beauty. Life is numbered from conception to death, rising from and declining into the One. There is beauty in numbers. This beauty is called Regularity, and its essence is Predictability. Everything else is unworthy. Eighty one, nine, three, One. Life is numbered, all elements of life can be reduced to numbers, life is nothing but the predictability of numbers. Nothing. Nothing but the One.”

“From the base of your neck to the tip of your longest finger, your arm is exactly half your height. As are your legs. As measured from the tip of your head to the soles of your feet, where does your body divide exactly in half? Whether man or woman, their body divides into two at the organs of sexual pleasure and generation. Appropriate is it not? At that point where a body is precisely halved, so two bodies join to form one and eventually, one body will divide to create two lives. No wonder, perhaps, that some Magi seek a woman to find perfect union with the one.”

The Key of the Magi

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