Servius' Gifts

Statues that Servius carved for the members of his coterie


Avitus received as statue of Mars ascendant over a helmeted gladiator. Mars exults over the fallen warrior, his face covered in ectasy as he twists his spear in his enemy’s guts, pinning him to the earth. Caught in the moment, he does not notice the mortal blow to the side of his own neck. Gold is piled around his feet barely covering the shackles around his ankles.

Obayana found a majestic hunting cat left behind after one of their numerous sparring sessions. The stone is polished creating a sleek body rippling with bunched muscles as it prepares to pounce. However, a call from somewhere has caused the great beast to turn its head as if waiting for direction. Human eyes regard the viewer set within the snarling cats visage.

A marble goddess, her arms wide and beckoning was given to Caelia. Venus herself, captured in an instant, her lips painted with a secret smile as she listens absently to a whispering rat perched on her bare shoulder. Everything about the statue is isolation. Her arms a smooth and graceful, however one is longer than the other. The angles are wrong, the viewer’s eye roams the piece constantly trying to find the flaws that the mind screams are present.

Veius received a statue of a concealed figure riding the back of a goat. Over one shoulder is slung a quiver of arrows whilst a staff of healing is held in his right hand. It is likely that the statue is a representation of the god Vejovis however there are many small cults dedicated to that god and many disagree about his appearance or even what his goals are. The Beast that carries Vejovis is collared though a look of madness covers the goat’s face.

Valentina’s gift from Servius was left in her shrine outside of her haven in the Promenade. The statue of Bona Dea is clothed seductively though reveals nothing. Her chin is tilted, nose in the air as she observes the heavens, never caring where she places her feet. She is dignified, noble and beautiful, the perfect Roman woman carved out of stone.


One by one each member of the coterie received gifts from Servius. Without comment Servius left the items after a meeting or near their respective havens. His slightly strange behaviour was met with a small measure of suspicion, however none could deny the beauty of the works.

Servius' Gifts

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