"I thirst, may this worm please have some more master?"


There is little more pitiful than an immortal trapped in a childs corpse, Whisper is more pitiful. All her teeth are razor sharp needles that smile ingratiatingly from a dead 10 year old’s face. Her eyes are the pools of liquid dark that seem to see way too much. She wears an aura of horror, subjugation and defeat like a cloak made of shadows, so that you barely notice the tattered rags covering her thin childs body. Most kindred appreciate that she is seldom seen, but her voice is often heard whispering in the darkness.

Clan: Nosferatu

Wing: Peregrine Collegia

Apparent Age: Pre-teens


Whisper is a notorious blood addict. She is addicted to vampire blood and will do almost anything to get her fix. She has contacts with the highest and lowest of vampire society and her whispering voice is often the only link that conects the two groups. She arranges meetings and is always discreet, all she asks is a tiny taste, just a drop, well maybe two, of your blood. She must be blood bound to someone as she is more than willing to taste the same vampire more than once. No one knows, or is telling, who really pulls her strings.

A number of rumours circulate about Whisper; that her eyes were not always black and that she has made a pact with dark spirits. Some kindred speculate that she may be ancient and can only survive on vampire blood. Most agree that this last rumour is unlikely, for no ancient, even a Nosferatu, would debase herself for what she could just take.

  • She can calm a frenzying vampire with just a whisper.


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