Tertia Julia Comitor

"It's so good to see you here. Have you tried the Nubians yet? I recomend them; fresh imports, and in season."


Comitor is a remarkably attractive, mature woman. Age has made her face more interesting, but not yet quite reached the point of decay when she was Embraced. Her long brown hair shines whether it is done up in an elaborate coiffure or allowed to cascade naturally down her back to her hips. At parties at the baths of Caracalla, she goes naked, drops of water and blood like diamonds and rubies on her skin. In the Camarilla, real diamonds and rubies stand out against the pure white of her silk stole.

Clan: Julii

Wing: Senex

Rank: Consul

Apparent Age: Early 30’s


In any context, she talks in a friendly fashion to the vampires around her, and encourages them to enjoy the parties and avoid rocking the social boat.

  • She and Marcellarius are at odds.

Tertia Julia Comitor

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