Spurius Veius Medicus

Dark-haired but pale-skinned with deep green eyes, Veius carries an asklepian - marking him a healer.


Deep green eyes appraise. Cold fingers gently probe. A soft voice speaks.

“I can see our enemy. It dwells deep within but not so deep as to escape me.”

A slender hand grasps a bronze scalpel, turning it gently over a candle flame. A moment to let it cool and then leather-bound wood is pushed into his mouth.

“Bite down on this and hold still.”

The scalpel cuts. Sharp teeth bite a pale lower lip as the blood begins to flow. The slender hand trembles momentarily before steadying.

“Fear not. It will be over soon.”


Veius was born into a family of healers in Veii, just north of Rome. He was, however, a bastard son, only brought into the household after his mother abandoned him. While his father and siblings accepted him as part of the family, his step-mother, a woman from an old Roman family fallen on hard times did her best to make his life unbearable.
Thus, as soon as he was able, he took up the life of a wandering healer, bringing his knowledge of herb-craft, alchemy and surgery to the town and villages to the north of Rome and only returning to Veii rarely.

Haven: The Labyrinth.
Journal: Medicus Musings.
Journal: On Fire.
Journal: On Belief.
Journal: Cracks.

Spurius Veius Medicus

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