Secundus Julius Rapax

"Stand down and surrender your arms. You are a prisoner of the Legio Mortuum, under suspicion of participation in and instruction of illegal sorcery. Come in peace and you will be allowed to argue your innocence. Resist and be destroyed."


Secundus is a thick set, battle hardened, vetran. He is scarred, rough and always ready for action. His flint grey eyes have acquire a permanent squint, as though he is forever looking into the cold winds of a Germanian winter. He wears the gold ring of the Praetor which denotes him as the ultimate commander of the Legio Mortuum. When he is upset he often taps it against the hilt of his sword. When he is engaged in carrying out his duties, Secundus cuts an imposing figure. He wears the distinctive black Tribunes Armour of an officer of the Legio Mortuum, the breastplate bearing the pits and scores of countless battles, and carries his great shield at the ready.

Clan: Julii

Wing: Legio Mortuum

Rank: Praetor

Apparent age: Early 30’s


Secundus still takes part in active duty to keep his skills honed. He has a reputation for being able to take any punishment in battle and still emerge victorius.

Secundus Julius Rapax

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