Helvidiuss Bassianus 'War Crow'

"Well kept sword you have there, boy. Know how to use it?"


There is dried blood spattered across his grim, craggy face and his eyes are cold and dead grey, speckled with red-brown flecks, like rough pebbles lifted from some bloody battlefield. He’s short enough that even the women can see over his head, but he still fills the room, still gives the impression that he’s somehow bigger than anyone else here. Under his heavy cloak, chainmail glints, draped across his broad, powerful shoulders; clublike fingers, covered in that same dried blood, handle a well kept pilum with something akin to tenderness.

Clan: Nosferatu

Wing: Legio Mortuum

Rank: Equestrian


He speaks in short, clipped sentences in a voice that sounds like a spadeful of earth thrown into a pit. He smells of mud and gore in equal measure. Dont fear being beaten by him, its what comes after that is truly frightening.

  • He expects Obayana to bring him Avitus as a new recruit soon.
  • He is not someone to cross.

Helvidiuss Bassianus 'War Crow'

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