"I have a clean, quiet place where we can... come together."


He’s a beautiful youth in a tunic. His hair falls over a procelain brow in ringlets. His lips are like fresh rosebuds. His eyes, under perfectly arched brows, reflect the light like saphires. His soft, pale skin glows with health and love, His voice, just broken, is soft and sweet. A glory surrounds him; in the lamplight, he seems to have the light of Divinity upon and around him.

Clan: Daeva

Wing: Cult of Augurs

Apparent Age: Mid teens


His sensuous lip curls in a way not congruous with the appearance of innocence. Or his eyebrow rises a tiny fraction of an inch, and his eye adopts a knowing expression. And that pure, sweet voice says something utterly obscene.

  • Tried unsuccessfully to seduce Valentina at the Orgy at Carcalla.
  • 310CE he encouraged a mortal cult to name him Christ returned and them demanded their martyrhood. The whole cult committed suicide in his name. Marcellarius declared Eupraxus a ‘genius of comedy’.


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