Velanix the Gaul

"You make an interesting point, now let me show you mine. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrrrr."


Velanix is the model of a romanized Gaul. His clothes are finely tailored and he is well groomed, even the scars and sightless eye lend dignity to his handsome face. He looks like a retired legionary recruited from Gaul, a man of honour and wealth but still a foreigner. His sword is a massive thing worked with celtic spirals, glittering gold in the darkness. He seems calm, in control, but then everything changes. Without warning he is the beast incarnate, he seems to double in size as his screams of anger tear open his own throat, covering you with blood, he come for you.

Clan: Gangrel

Wing: Perigrine Collegia (Exile)


Velanix is one of the most wanted Kindred in the Necropolis. The leader of a group of assassins/mercenaries called the Larvae, he is responsible for more kindred deaths in recent years than any other vampire in the city. The Legio Mortuum hunt for his band relentlessly but either they are too good for the Legion or too useful to those who use their services. He is a well known figure and his portrait is often shown around by Legio soldiers who seem to have a score to settle.

Velanix the Gaul

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