Blood of Rome

359CE Death Sentence for Constans

In defiance of law, Appius Ferasius Constans holds a great sacrificial ritual, appealing to Jupiter, Apollo and Mars for Romes protection. Constans is taken prisoner by soldiers of the Legio Mortuum and escorted to the Senex, who reluctantly sentence him to death according to the letter of the law. A riot erupts, disrupting the Senex assembly and spreading throughout the Necropolis. Constans briefly escapes and is subsequently recaptured and destroyed. The Coterie briefly plan to save him but then decide it is too dangerous.

Flavianna Galla is named Regina Sacrorum. While she is careful not to decry Constans destruction, she also makes no statement of intent to follow the law. Those who worship with her know that Galla secretly conducts regular sacrifices to Cybele and that she practices the Venificia.



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